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Hi! Hello! So glad you stumbled across my site!

What – is – going – on – here?! Glad you asked! I will be sharing my experiences about reducing my waste (especially plastic waste) and my carbon footprint and the rest of my eco journey.

I have wanted to share my insights and experiences about how to live more eco-friendly in everyday life. I finally found the motivation to start writing this blog when I arrived in Hawaii and went to a beach I had visited two years before. I was shocked by the change that occurred over the two years.. The beautiful white sands of Lanikai Beach were now covered in microplastics. I was in shock and frustrated that I couldn’t find even one square foot of sand that wasn’t littered with plastic. I felt betrayed and disrespected that people who had come before me handed me this mess. I vowed to do everything in my power to not leave my children and grandchildren with an even worse mess.

I experienced that most people do care and want to take part, but they don’t know where to start or they feel like they won’t make a difference. First, let me remind you that single actions of individuals multiplied by the entire population is how we got to where we are today. What you do matters!

I also write about 💕 self-care 💕 because climate anxiety is real and environmental problems are widespread and sad. We must leave space for ourselves to feel and heal. We cannot pour into the world from an empty cup.

Alright, now come along!

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Microplastics at Lanikai Beach, November 2019

About Me

📍Currently In: Milwaukee

I felt, fell into, and explored climate anxiety. Overwhelmed and often unsure of where I should start making changes, I birthed this blog to share my journey and help others who have been in the same difficult mindset. Welcome to Eco Fairy Tales where simple, affordable, practical solutions can be found. We focus on progress, not perfection.  We feel the difficult emotions surrounding climate change, process them wholesomely, and move forward with powerful action.

I helped found the Zero Waste Team at Colorado State University. I mainly worked at sports events, teaching people how to sort thier waste (compost, recycling, landfill).  I also implemented small public access compost stations in a few buildings on campus.

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