Tips for Starting Zero Waste Lifestyle


Born into a disposable culture I didn’t know there was a way to live without taking the trash out every week, maybe even multiple times.


Once I was aware of the scope of our plastic addiction, I felt like I couldn’t escape it. The moment I realized my dog’s ears perked up with drooling excitement at the sound of any sort of plastic crinkling sound, I also realized how conditioned I had become to accepting the packaging that suffocated almost all of my food.


If you are reading this, you are most likely already aware of how our waste is suffocating this planet and her beautiful wildlife. You are already taking the first step: awareness! yay!


10 Questions to ask yourself when you are starting an eco-conscious lifestyle:


  1. Do I need this?
  2. Do I already own something I could use instead of buying something new?
  3. How was this made?
  4. How far did this travel?
  5. How much unnecessary packing envelops this item?
  6. Is this something I can reuse or will I throw it away after one use?
  7. Is this product toxic/ harmful to me and the environment?
  8. Do I understand all of the ingredients?
  9. Why do I want to buy this? Am I trying to distract myself from insecurity (like feeling unproductive or incapable)?
  10. Can I make a more responsible decision?


When you are shopping, ask yourself these questions and notice how you respond. You might start to naturally gravitate towards better purchasing habits. 


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