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Looking for a creative way to spice up your morning routine and excite your pores? Are you a coffee drinker? What happens to those grounds after they’ve served their purpose soaking in the coffee machine? Is that really all they are good for?

Why I love this facemask:

I have struggled with acne for many years. I tried almost every over the counter product (expensive, “natural”, harsh etc.), all sorts of topical prescription creams, and even various forms of hormonal birth control. Some things sort of worked for a little while, but inevitably my acne would creep back in with vengeance. It caused me great emotional pain – I wouldn’t go out with friends, I would feel so uncomfortable if someone was taking pictures, basically, I felt like I needed to hide. Eventually, I accepted my face for everything that it is and I decided there are much more pressing issues than my own vanity (i.e. climate change, social justice, animal rights), so I decided to ditch the chemical concoctions which I believe destroyed my skins natural ability to heal in the first place, and I decided to go as natural as possible.

My skin LOVES how the coffee grounds lightly exfoliate my pours and how the coconut oil traps in healthy moisture – not leaving me looking oily. Plus the coffee grounds are a natural exfoliant, which means they are safe for our waterways – no microplastic beads!! My skin honestly started to look so much better when I started using this. I can’t give this facemask full credit because there are always extraneous factors changing in my life and body, but I still use this every week! It hardly costs me anything and I’m using something that would be tossed in the trash (or compost) anyway!

Freshly brewed coffee grounds.

What you’ll need:

  1. reusable container
  2. used coffee grounds
  3. coconut oil

How you can reuse morning coffee grounds for an exciting morning facial:

  1. Mix equal parts coconut oil and coffee grounds and pack it into your reusable container.
  2. Gently apply to your face in your morning shower.
  3. Let sit for 5 to 10 minutes.
  4. Massage grounds around your face to gently exfoliate.
  5. Rinse with cool water.
  6. Moisturize as normal.
Cold coconut oil chunks.

I use this every other day or once every three days. Find what works for you! but I recommend not using it every day because over-exfoliating is not good… Comment below and let me know if you try this and how it works for you, or if you have any go-to low-waste beauty hacks.

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